Brand story

You must have heard the phrase "That's so basic". It's often used to describe something not up to par.

We're here to change that completely.

BASEC was born out of a need to redefine contemporary fashion. We fuse minimalism with empowering, artistic individuality.

The word “BASEC” is an amalgamation of letters that represent words close to our heart. The infuse meaning into our clothing and the culture we are trying to create around it. These are:

Bold – Embrace a sense of courage in every single thing you do. Toss apprehensions aside.

Artistic – Express and hone your creativity through whimsical style

Sophistication –  It acts as your armor, even if you're a rebel within

Empowering – Feel like you own the world, and the world will follow

Confident –  Your strut should be heard from a mile away.

We hope that everyone who adorns our clothing feels a strong sense of these traits and believes that they are part of our movement.


Our Founder’s Thought Process

Started by Lisa Tohami, BASEC is her way of expressing how she and many others view the world—as a canvas ready for exploration. From chic contemporary suits, to unique printed collections, Lisa’s one-of-a-kind take on fashion is represented through BASEC.

BASEC is not just a clothing line, it's a movement of empowerment. It raises the bar of being yourself, no matter what the odds. Because at the end of the day, life is too short to conform to society's norms.

If this relates to you, welcome to the #BASECSquad.


Brand Mission

Redefining the ideals of high fashion through unique designs, great quality, affordable prices and overall sustainable business practices.

Brand Values


We will encourage all stakeholders associated with BASEC, whether they are customers or suppliers, to be the best version of themselves.

Promoting Sustainability

We will provide sustainable environment for every stakeholder inside or outside through ethical sourcing, environmental friendly material.

Creative Freedom

Every person has the right to express their creativity to the best of their abilities.


We always look at the glass as half full, never half empty.


We promise to work efficiently, right from production straight to delivery.


Empathy is one of our cornerstone values, ensuring that every human gets a chance at exuding brilliance.